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Issue 1|23 Digital Transformation and Gender Bias

The process of digital transformation offers opportunities and risks with regard to participation possibilities of different groups on a political, cultural and social level. For this issue, we are looking for contributions that ask to what extent discriminatory patterns and power relations are transformed and/or reproduced on digital platforms, in social networks and through algorithms.

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GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society is constantly seeking contributions by authors of various disciplines with a theoretical, empirical or political perspective on gender relations in different social and cultural contexts. Please submit your manuscript via our online publishing system OJS here. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the editorial team,

Call for Papers is open

Issue 3|22 Food Practices in Transition

Nutrition is not merely a physical necessity, it is linked to social practices that have strong identification and distinction functions. In this issue, the fact that food work as care work as well as access to food production resources are unequally distributed between the genders is being discussed from a care-theoretical perspective and with regard to feminist ecological critique.

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Issue 2|22 Men in Care

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of who is willing to take on socially necessary care tasks, for what motives and under what conditions, gains significance. This special issue focuses on the changes that occur in the care sector and in domestic care work if men are more involved in care activities and which characteristics become apparent with regard to migration aspects, social class or age of male care workers.

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Issue 1|22 Prostitution and Sex Work

Prostitution and sex work have long been known as conflictual issues. Recently, the discussion has been added about differences between heterosexual, queer, and trans identities and the general significance of normative notions of relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. As an object of knowledge, sex work/prostitution has therefore diversified considerably. The focus of this issue aims to make visible different disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

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Book reviews

The journal GENDER publishes book reviews to new publications in the field of gender studies in every issue. Please refer to the list to find books we would like to be discussed. If you are interested in reviewing one of the listed books or a new not-listed publication, please contact us.