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Current Issue | Gender, Work, Organisations

There is currently much and intense discussion about change in gainful employment, but less talk about what the associated changes in work mean for gender relations. The aim of this issue is to deepen the theoretical and empirical debate on the relationship between gender, work and organisation.

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Call | Social Mobility and Gender

Social mobility has been a central promise of Western meritocracies, especially since the expansion of education from the 1960s onwards. In the 21st century, the uncertainty and precariousness of educational and employment constellations are increasing, as is the fear of social decline. Experiences of social immobility and disadvantage are manifold, they show interferences and intersections of various categories of difference and hierarchization, but also the relevance of individualized strategies and time patterns.

Call for Papers is open.

Call | The "Good Life" in Times of Crisis

The issue of the “good life” has been discussed in philosophy for more than 2000 years and is currently the subject of vivid debate. The global crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 and the measures taken to contain it are challenging many people’s concepts of a good life. The central question is how a good life is possible for everyone, not only for the privileged, especially after severe crises. A crisis may result in new ideas and redistribution, but also might widen of the gap between genders.

Call for Papers is open.