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GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society is published three times per annum (March, June, October), each with a thematic focus, and some 480 pages per year. For information on prices and subscriptions, please click here. The issues of volumes 2009 – 2016 are now freely available online as Open Access publications.


Inclusion and intersectionality in educational contexts


Gender, Work, Organisations


Spatial structures and gender orders


Gender, Technology and Politics 4.0


Kinship Relations – Gender Relations in the 21st Century


Gender and Higher Education

3|17 3|17 Open Access

Gender and Design - A gendered approach to erveryday design

2|17 2|17 Open Access

Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy: Between Individual Arrangements, Social Standardization and Professional Requirements

1|17 1|17 Open Access

Negotiating Gender Relations – Arab Women and the Transformation of Arab Societies

3|16 3|16 Open Access

Constructed affairs: Research perspectives on childhood, youth and gender

2|16 2|16 Open Access

Deconstructing normality: queer perspectives

1|16 1|16 Open Access

Gender approaches to love

3|14 3|14 Open Access

Careers and Lifeworlds – Irritations, Dynamics, Strategies

2|14 2|14 Open Access

Marriage and Weddings – Cultural, Aesthetic and Social Practices

1|14 1|14 Open Access

Gender Equality as a Profession

3|13 3|13 Open Access

Gender in Psychological Research

2|13 2|13 Open Access

Feminist perspectives on economics and gender systems

1|13 1|13 Open Access

Medicalization and gender caught between optimization, pathologization and health promotion

3|10 3|10 Open Access

Gender relations in post-socialist times

2|10 2|10 Open Access

Gender theory and Diversity Management

1|10 1|10 Open Access

Gender relations in the religions of the world