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GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society is published three times per annum (March, June, October), each with a thematic focus, and some 480 pages per year. For information on prices and subscriptions, please click here. The issues of volumes 2009 – 2016 are now freely available online as Open Access publications.


Social mobility and gender - (Trans)national Dynamics of the Present


The good life in times of crisis – Gender relations put on trial


Genderperspectives in European studies


Inclusion and intersectionality in educational contexts


Gender, Work, Organisations


Spatial structures and gender orders


Gender, Technology and Politics 4.0

2|19 2|19 Open Access

Kinship Relations – Gender Relations in the 21st Century

1|19 1|19 Open Access

Gender and Higher Education

3|17 3|17 Open Access

Gender and Design - A gendered approach to erveryday design

2|17 2|17 Open Access

Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy: Between Individual Arrangements, Social Standardization and Professional Requirements

1|17 1|17 Open Access

Negotiating Gender Relations – Arab Women and the Transformation of Arab Societies

3|16 3|16 Open Access

Constructed affairs: Research perspectives on childhood, youth and gender

2|16 2|16 Open Access

Deconstructing normality: queer perspectives

1|16 1|16 Open Access

Gender approaches to love

3|14 3|14 Open Access

Careers and Lifeworlds – Irritations, Dynamics, Strategies

2|14 2|14 Open Access

Marriage and Weddings – Cultural, Aesthetic and Social Practices

1|14 1|14 Open Access

Gender Equality as a Profession

3|13 3|13 Open Access

Gender in Psychological Research

2|13 2|13 Open Access

Feminist perspectives on economics and gender systems

1|13 1|13 Open Access

Medicalization and gender caught between optimization, pathologization and health promotion

3|10 3|10 Open Access

Gender relations in post-socialist times

2|10 2|10 Open Access

Gender theory and Diversity Management

1|10 1|10 Open Access

Gender relations in the religions of the world