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Issue 2/20: Gender, work, organisation – current developments in the world of work

From a gender research perspective, the current dynamics of global and local developments in work can only be meaningfully analysed if gender, work and organisation are considered as jointly structuring modern societies and therefore as being reciprocally interconnected. The aim of this special issue is to identify central research fields and developments, to make diagnoses and to get a glimpse of the future in order to identify political, theoretical and methodological challenges as well as innovative topics and theories in the research field of work, organisation and gender.

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Issue 1/20: Gender Orders in Urban and Regional Spaces

There are numerous studies in interdisciplinary gender research on the constitutional relationship between gender and space: doing gender and doing space are closely interwoven, not only in the 21st century Global North. . In order to broaden the focus and, if necessary, to shed light on differences, this issue will focus on both spaces – city and region – with regard to their gender-related contexts of construction, experience and action. The editors hope to receive contributions with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

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Special Issue: Parenthood and Families beyond Heteronormativity

Parenthood and families, today, are very diverse. New family concepts such as shared or multiple parenthood have yet to be researched as a (new) empirical phenomena. The special issue invites scholars, especially from the fields of cultural, social, gender and legal studies, to participate in a theoretically and empirically grounded discussion of parenthood, families, and parenting beyond heteronormative kinship relations.

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Issue 3/19: Gender,Technology and Politics 4.0

Eti Ammos (istock)

Who benefits from the new (infra)structures, technologies of the self and governmentality of an emerging digital capitalism? How are power relations and human-technology interactions structured today? Who is being exploited, unsettled or marginalized by them – and what roles do the axes gender, 'race', class and age play in this context? Cui bono was and is the central question of interdisciplinary feminist research, gender research and queer studies, which we intend to mobilize to develop further approaches for a feminist theory of society and technology and a critical policy 4.0.

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Issue 2/19: Kinship Relations — Gender Relations

In daily contexts we are increasingly confronted with erosion processes and reorganizations of biologically-based family relationships in various, often interrelated areas, e.g. in reproductive medicine, in partner relationships and family care, in small and large families. New biopolitical, social and legal forms of kinship have emerged which require a fundamental redefinition of the rules of gender and relationships, and make the model of genealogy increasingly obsolete. This special issue encourages discussions on new forms of kinship, especially from the perspectives of cultural and social sciences and gender theory.

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Issue 1/19: Gender and Higher Education

National and international transformation processes in politics, business, media and society have led to a fundamental change in the German higher education and academic system over the last 20 years. This special issue will focus on these changes triggered by reform and economization processes and will analyze and interpret how they relate to the category of “gender” in the context of “educational processes” and “academic careers”.

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