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Current Call | Crossing Borders in Europe

In recent years, the European Union has experienced various developments that have repeatedly been discussed as crises. These crisis-ridden developments are countered by a strengthening of the institutional representation of women. Against the background of the question "Democracy and Gender in Transformation", the focus of this issue will address the situation of women and gender equality policies in the EU and also illuminate the explicitly positive developments. 

Call for Papers is open.

Current Issue | Gender, Technology and Politics 4.0

It is only in recent years that an interdisciplinary community of Science & Technology Studies has emerged in German-speaking countries, which is the focus of this issue. The open section of the journal contains articles on the instrumentalisation of feminist demands in right-wing discourses, on the promotion of start-ups and equality at Swiss universities of applied sciences, on parental rights under labour law and on the relationship between masculinity, feminisation and punitivity in pedagogical contexts.

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