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Masculinity and care

The authors of the new issue do not only approach the relationship between masculinity and care from the side of person-related, female connotated activities. Instead, they ask how boys and men influence their social environment and what needs and ideals they associate with successful social relationships. From adolescent boys and their everyday care relationships, to caregiving and masculinity in the context of BDSM practices, to the assumption of caregiving tasks by very old men, various facets of the topic are addressed.

In the open section of the journal, readers can expect a reflection on the historical incision of the Corona pandemic as well as a historical review of feminist working groups on natural and technical sciences in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, the results of a pilot study on the participation of women with disabilities or chronic illnesses in work are presented, and the question is answered as to why, despite the growing importance of talent management in companies, it is currently not possible to counter the talent shortage.

As always, four reviews of current gender research publications round out the issue.

Editors: Simon Bohn, Kevin Stützel und Diana Lengersdorf

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