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The good life in times of crisis – Gender relations put on trial

The question of the good life is inseparably linked to questions of justice in the world. Even before the Corona crisis, the possibility of living a good life had lost its unquestioned certainty, even in privileged parts of the world. In the course of the crisis, additional highly problematic developments are emerging, especially with regard to gender relations. This issue's focus takes up related topics and places them in a broader context.

The open section of the issue presents a diverse range of research contributions. Not one but two ethnographic studies are among them, one looking at gender aspects of intergenerational familial memorial cultures in cemeteries, the other at food practices in inclusive school settings. Another paper focuses on gay men's coming out in Western society as a "shift," and the fourth paper offers a qualitative content analysis of gender studies handbooks on the category of 'disability'.

Four reviews of current gender studies publications round out the issue, as always.

Editors: Elisabeth Holzleithner, Diana Lengersdorf

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