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Inclusion and intersectionality in educational contexts

The concepts of 'inclusion' and 'intersectionality' have not yet been sufficiently explored and theoretically penetrated in their relationship to each other. This issue aims to provide impulses for a more in-depth treatment of these concepts in the context of gender studies and to initiate new discourses. The contributions offer theoretical reflections and empirical studies, especially in connection with education, learning and teaching.

The open part contains analyses and debates on various questions in the context of work and professional contexts, such as the relationship between competences and professional development opportunities, forms of hidden harassment at the workplace and professional interactions in the field of obstetrics as a factor of violent experiences during childbirth.

Four reviews of current publications in gender studies round off the issue as usual.

Editors: Meike Penkwitt, Sina-Mareen Köhler, Anne Schlüter

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