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Kinship Relations – Gender Relations in the 21st Century

Genealogy and kinship are today more than ever objects of social negotiation: New biopolitical, social and legal forms of kinship fundamentally redefine gender orders. The traditional approaches of cultural and social anthropology no longer do justice to the complexity of kinship relationships in the 21st century. The current issue therefore presents the broader perspective of cultural studies.

The open section of the journal contains a historical contribution on the scope of action for female office workers in the First World War, a quantitative study on gender-related pay differentials among postdocs, a qualitative study on public and scientific discourses on compatibility of family and work in the everyday communication of working mothers, and the first results of a research-practice project against social isolation and digital exclusion of older people.

As always, four reviews on current publications in gender studies round off the issue.

Editors: Sigrid Nieberle, Barbara Schaff, Jenny Bünnig

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