Gender and Higher Education

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National and international transformation processes in politics, business, media and society have led to a fundamental change in the German higher education and academic system over the last 20 years. This special issue will focus on these changes triggered by reform and economization processes and will analyze and interpret how they relate to the category of “gender” in the context of “educational processes” and “academic careers”. Deadline for application: 06.06.2017

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Fashion and Gender

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Clothes, worn directly on the body, influence the perception of one’s own body, dominate how other people perceive us and are an integral element in the formation of identities and life styles. Thus, gender identity is not expressed by clothes/fashion, but in performative execution, in the (everyday) action through and with clothes. This opens up a space of potential diversity in which identities are playfully expanded at least within certain limits, and in which gender is no longer determined by heteronormative conceptions of female and male. Deadline for application: 31.05.2017

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Arab Women and the Transformation of Arab Societies

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GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society

GENDER. Journal for Gender, Culture and Society presents a forum for academic debate as well as discourse between academics and practitioners. The range of the journal extends from social to cultural topics – sociopolitical issues on equality and justice are addressed as well as issues of the orchestration and cultural interpretation of gender. The journal aims at a broad range of topics and academic disciplines, in which women, men, and gender issues are reflected. 

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1/17: Negotiating Gender Relations – Arab Women and the Transformation of Arab Societies

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